George Henley

George Henley
By David Greene

George Henley, after building a reputation as the driver of Record 7, a 7 litre hydro, became the pilot of Burien Lady in 1970. Henley gave promise of things to come when he drove the Burien hydro, a low budget entry, to a second place finish in the 1970 Seafair Trophy. George then drove Bob Fendler's Lincoln Thrift for three years before being named Pay 'N Pak driver in 1974. That year brought the Pak and Henley seven victories, including a Gold Cup, en route to a High Point Championship. Bill Muncey is the only other driver to win seven victories during a year.

George retired after the 1974 campaign, but then the Pay 'n Pak team asked him to come back two races into the 1975 season. Henley again rose to the challenge, overcoming a large point deficit to give Dave Heerensperger his third consecutive High Point Championship. He added five victories to his total in 1975, including a second consecutive Gold Cup. When Heerensperger sold his equipment to Bill Muncey early in 1976, George Henley retired for good.

(Reprinted from the Unlimited NewsJournal, March 1985)

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